David & Darlene Robinson on Bejay

David & Darlene Robinson with the Eldon Valley Boys – Green Country (Bejay 1353), 1971

The «Green Country», about which David and Darlene Robinson sing, is the Northeastern part of Oklahoma. The term is used since the early 20th century but became well-known during the 1960s through a campaign initialized by the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation. Sometimes, the term «Green Country» also refers to the Tulsa metropolitan area, which lies within Northeast Oklahoma.

The copy I bought carried a little handwritten note within the record sleeve, which gave me a little bit of info about the record. «Green Country» as well as the flip «If You Step On Her Hear, You’re Walking On Mine» were recorded in June 1971 by David and Darlene Robinson and their band, the Eldon Valley Boys, for Ben Jack’s Bejay custom label.  The session took place at Jack’s recording studio in Fort Smith, Arkansas. It was the Robinson’s debut record, followed by two more releases on what was likely their own imprint, Big Green Country (pressed by Rimrock). One of these discs was solely credited to the Eldon Valley Boys. The Eldon Valley was likely a name for the small community of Eldon, Cherokee County, Oklahoma (in «Green Country»), located in the valley of Baron Fork of the Illinois River.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t turn up any info on neither David and Darlene Robinson nor on Raymond «Ray» Robinson, the writer of both sides and likely a family member. I suspect all three to be siblings, however.

Bejay 1353: David & Darlene Robinson with the Eldon Valley Boys – Green Country / If You Step On Her Heart, You’re Walking on Mine (1971)
Big Green Country BS 413: David & Darlene Robinson and the Eldon Valley Boys – Green Country / The House That We Live In (1974)
Big Green Country BS 414: The Eldon Valley Boys – It’s His Spirit / I Am a Christian

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